We started Kelson Financial because we discovered that Canadians were investing and planning with

emotion, not based on evidence. We discovered a better way.

At Kelson Financial, we take a conservative investment approach towards wealth management. For

our clients, we work diligently to earn their trust and even harder to keep it. We welcome the

opportunity to discuss how to solve complex wealth management problems.


Learn about our “Wealth Management Lifestyle programs”.

Kelson Financial brings order, direction, stability and confidence to your personal finances.

Our disciplined process ensures your financial situation is understood, implemented and adjusted in

accord with life events.

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Establishing Order..

At our initial meeting, we will take an

inventory of your current financial



Finding Direction…

We will present to you the best

course of action in the form of a

detailed financial plan.


Instilling Confidence…

We stay in touch with our clients to

ensure they are comfortable and

confident in the financial decisions

we have made.