Sonny Wadera

Dealer Representative, Manulife Securities & Financial Security Advisor, Kelson

Sonny Wadera is a partner at Kelson Financial and has been a financial securities advisor since 1995. He is focused on meeting clients’ individual investment goals and objectives. Sonny graduated with a Bachelor of International Business degree from Concordia University in Montreal.

In 2002, while maintaining his practice, Sonny fulfilled his father’s dream for him and received his Masters of Business Administration degree (MBA) from the University of Ottawa. In 2004, Sonny and Glenn started Kelson Financial and they continue to strive to meet the highest standards of both service and expertise for their clients. Sonny has sat on multiple advisory boards for Manulife Securities, Manulife Wealth Management and Manulife Bank. Sonny lives in Montreal with his son Jayden. An avid golfer, his other interests include travel, food and wine.