Samuel Cohen-Scali

Financial security advisor, Kelson

Sam Cohen-Scali partnered with Kelson Financial as a Financial Securities Advisor in 2013 and is committed to providing his clients with customized risk management, tax and estate planning services. After graduating from Concordia University with a B.A Specialization in Actuarial Sciences in 1995, Sam began his career at Guerling Global. He then held actuarial positions at Manulife Financial, Aetna Life, NN Financial and Equinox Financial. Following Equinox, Sam worked as a Regional Director for RBC Insurance, managing the High Net Worth division of Life Insurance and Estate Planning. Since 2004, Sam has been an independent Financial Services Advisor, servicing high net worth families across Canada. He also works as a consultant for other insurance advisors on advanced life insurance and estate planning cases.

Sam and his wife Karine are very active in philanthropic causes, helping their community and those in need. Sam and Karine have been happily married for 17 years and have three smart and beautiful girls; Anna, Abigael and Gabrielle.

Sam is a professional Martial Artist and has trained renowned professional athletes in the art of Muay Thai. His passion for the art has helped him become disciplined and focused in meeting the needs and objectives of his clients.